Cool Zone Media

Remember when the world didn’t feel like it was coming apart?

Neither do we. 

Cool Zone Media doesn’t mince words: we are living through the collapse of the known, and the birth of a new unknown.

Every week we chronicle that collapse, and provide advice and access to vital voices trying to build a better future.

Cool Zone Media is a podcast network helmed by investigative journalist Robert Evans (@IwriteOK) and executive producer Sophie Lichterman (@why_sophie_why).

split image of a boat named cool zone media. On the left, in sepia tone is a rusted boat on a dry shore with refinery towers billowing smoke in the background. On the right, in bright colors is the other half of the boat: covered in ivy and solar panels, on a lush shore, with bushes in the foreground and wind turbines in the background.

The Shows

Behind the Bastards logo

Behind the Bastards

Behind the Police Logo

Behind the Police

Behind the Insurrections Logo

Behind the Insurrections

It Could Happen Here Logo

It Could Happen Here

Daily Show!
Q Clearance Logo

Q Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon

Uprising: A guide from Portland Logo

Uprising: A Guide from Portland

The Women's War Logo

The Women's War

Hood Politics

Hood Politics

After the Revolution Logo

After the Revolution

Worst Year Ever Logo

Worst Year Ever

Mega Corp


The Assault on America

The Assault on America

The Assault on America

Ghost Church

The Assault on America

Cool People Who Did Cool Stuff

The Assault on America

Internet Hate Machine

The Assault on America

Sad Oligarch

Better Offline

Better Offline

Sixteenth Minute (of Fame)